“It is not what you eat, it is what you absorb”

All Impact Fusion products contain Nutri-Mastic™

Nutri-Mastic™ is perfectly balanced with verified ionic minerals and Mastic Gum. This proprietary combination improves delivery of nutritional absorption into the cellular system and delivers anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, supports digestive function, the immune system, vital organ health, healthy blood cells and supports cardiac muscle and heart function*.

Although the body manufactures some vitamins, it cannot manufacture a single mineral. All tissue and internal fluids contain quantities of minerals which are vital to our physical “Health and Wellness”. Muscle and nerve functions are electrical and we need the right mix of minerals to support that activity. With minerals in widespread distribution throughout the metabolic workings of the human body, trace minerals are integral to the functioning of one of the body’s largest organ systems, the muscles. Without these vital nutrients, it would be impossible for the muscles of the body, human or animal, to function. The stomach muscles rely on these minerals for the electrical impulses that catalyze them to perform at their best. Mastic Gum alone will not achieve the same results without the enhanced delivery and absorption into the cellular system. The proprietary blend in Nutri-Mastic ™ provides a turbo-charge effect of the Mastic Gum.

The traditional use of Mastic is diverse. It has been thought to have immune support properties for centuries.* The Gum Mastic Grower’s Association lists over 60 uses for mastic. Studies also document its use due to anti-oxidant, immune support and anti-inflammatory properties.*

Nutri-Mastic™ and Probiotics

Nutri-Mastic with Mastic Gum blend. The normal gastrointestinal tract contains the most toxic environment to which most people are ever exposed. From the mouth to the anus, every centimeter is colonized by bacteria, with the colon bearing the greatest load. Scavenge ammonia (toxicity) that has not been incorporated into urea makes it impossible for probiotics to reach its desired area (the colon) People on the autistic spectrum generally do not colonize intestinal flora easily, and their digestive systems tend to fall out of balance very easily. Nutri-Mastic™ lessens scavenge ammonia, which is critically important for digestive health, to help grow probiotics in the intestines.

Should you try and get both prebiotics and probiotics into your diet?

More and more scientific evidence is emerging suggesting that ingesting the good bacteria probiotics and their food prebiotics has beneficial health effects.

What are Ionically Charged Minerals?

An ionic mineral is an element that has a charge, either positive or negative. On the molecular level, that means the element has either one too many or one too few electrons. This unstable Ionic state allows the element to bond readily with water, making it possible for the body to absorb it. In this state, an element has specific positive or negative electrical signatures that cause a dynamic, equilibrium to take place. The body can then assimilate minor changes to move nutrients to specific areas that need help.

Where Have All the Minerals Gone?

Traditionally, eating fresh grains, fruits and vegetables grown in nutrient rich soil have been the primary supply for the full spectrum of ionically charged minerals. Unfortunately in today’s world, naturally occurring, nutrient rich soil is becoming a thing of the past. Eons of vegetation growth and aggressive modern farming techniques have brought many of the earths minerals to the surface where they have been washed away. Synthesized fertilizers are routinely applied to farms and fields where minerals have been depleted. But man-made fertilizers provide only enough mineral substance to support basic plant life. Without the natural balance of minerals in the soil, the plants can’t deliver them to our body.

Why is Absorption so Important?

You cannot benefit from minerals unless you can absorb them. The absorption of minerals primarily takes place within the small intestines. As food matter passes through the intestines, minerals transfer into the blood stream through the walls of the intestines. This can only happen if the minerals are ionically charged. Although stomach acid helps ionize the minerals in foods, a mineral supplement should contain naturally ionized minerals to be fully absorbed.

Why Ionic Minerals?

Minerals that are absorbed in their ionic form are in true liquid solution and have either positive or negative charges. They also have unique properties that distinguish them from each other and allow them to freely take part in biochemical communication throughout the body. These communications help nutrients move to specific areas of the body.

Colloidal vs. Ionic Minerals

Commercial colloidal mineral products are derived from clay or humic shale deposits. Manufacturers claim that supplements made from colloids are more balanced than other mineral supplements and are in a natural form that is easier for the body to use. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Dietetic Association, no scientific evidence supports these claims.

The body absorbs ionic minerals with greater efficacy than colloidal minerals, as colloids must undergo the complete processes of digestion into smaller charged particles, and even after undergoing these processes; the body utilizes not all of the colloid mineral form, just as not all foods eaten are completely utilized.

Trace Minerals and pH

The pH of blood is closely maintained between 7.45 and 7.35. This fact greatly relays the importance of careful regulation of hydrogen ion concentration in the body.

The most important nutrients in our bodies for maintaining acid-base balance are certain minerals. More specifically, sodium, potassium, chloride, and bicarbonate are responsible for the precise balance involved. Physicians routinely analyze the proportions of these elements in order to determine one’s relative acid-base concentrations. By fine-tuning the relative amounts of these elements in the blood, many practitioners can work to improve their patient’s overall balance with the environment. The amounts of sodium, potassium, chloride and bicarbonate can be mathematically compared to arrive at a general consensus in regard to how well the body is dealing with its production of hydrogen, a waste product. A buildup of hydrogen can lead to imbalances in the acid-base ratio.

By preventing excessive fluctuations in acid-base balance, the body maintains a healthy status quo. Maintaining the complex functioning of the body’s tightly regulated pH system requires regulating proper mineral and trace mineral levels to sustain optimal and healthful balance.

IONIC MINERALS, and TRACE MINERALS, play an important role in the function of the liver, kidneys, boosting red blood cells, amino acids, enzymes and iron, mobilizes calcium, supports the digestive system, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, immune system, increases appetite, reduces stress and frustration, supports pH balance and promotes relaxation.*

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